Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our Current List of Hollywood Reform Demands - All Petition Recipients are Encouraged to Update Their Own Tabloid Reporting Standards, Accordingly

Comment within petition introduction: "maybe it would even be a good idea if these publishers & paps worked with the actors union on this issue - maybe between the two sides, they could ALL come up with some reasonable new reporting parameters that work for everybody.

If anyone feels they can write this petition out better, please do. It's not meant to be very official at this stage; but it might need to become more official for folks who actually respect things like 'US Law', lawmakers and authorities, in general about this subject. (Sorry, I lost all of mine a long time ago, ha!)

It's pretty much a heartfelt fan RANT - which, honestly *I* think is MOST appropriate.

SIGN THE PETITION for Hollywood Tabloids & Paparazzi to Reform Their
Own Well-Protected Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment or
BRAINSTORM to figure out something else that WILL WORK


Why Did I Start This Seemingly-Silly Petition?
Yeah, I have some really good reasons.
(Sorry, you'll need to scroll down thru my 'Twilight' intro.)

Paparazzi Changes
1) End celebrity harassment - accept no more paparazzi images or video that have obviously been captured against a celebrity's wishes. No more situations like Reese Witherspoon's 'entrapment' lawsuit that bombed against your 'rights' that are supposedly covered in our beloved constitutional amendments. This includes media of them running away or trying to hide, etc. They should be as free to come and go as the rest of us. The rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness is also a guarantee in the United States - and celebrities do not deserve to lose these rights just because people love them.

2) No more crowding or shouting rude comments as celebrities are trying to walk through public places - like airports - in order to capture gossip-worthy images for tabloid fodder. They should be as free to walk unobstructed & peacefully through a public place as any of us.

3) No more stalking of the personal residences of celebrities (including their personal hotel space) or following their movements as they are going about their private lives. Camping out at public places they frequent in the hopes of capturing them is acceptable if #2 on the list is observed. Paparazzi images captured of celebrities at events - both candid and posed - are happily accepted and wholeheartedly appreciated by their fanbases.

Here's a good example of semi-acceptable paparazzi behavior despite the fact that this privacy intrusion may not have been very appreciated by the celebrities in focus: at least no one shouted rude comments and/or interrupted their day in any way. There were in public places to be openly-photographed by the free press. If they were STALKED & FOLLOWED from their hotel room, then we fans have a problem with it.

Tabloid Changes

1) No more smear campaigns that are obviously meant to tarnish the careers of certain celebrities. This is the century of 'we the people' - and we will choose who our favorite celebrities are, not you. Gossip stories should not carry on for more than a few weeks with few exceptions.

2) No more obviously-misogynistic stories against women, in general - including but not exclusive of ridiculously-oversexed content that refer to things like 'windy upskirt' photos and pregnant celebrities being referred to as 'MILFs', etc. You get the idea - change your content to respect WOMEN as well as MEN in Hollywood.

3) Provide valid sources for celebrity rumors & entertainment stories, alike. No more sources from 'friends and/or people close to the celebrity'. Name your sources or don't print the story. No more speculative lies meant to draw fans into your page, it's as simple as that. VALID celebrity news and rumors are happily absorbed by their fanbases.

4) No more illegal tactics to get a story - no more paying people who know celebrities in order to get them to say what you want to print; no more intruding into their private lives and/or private events as 'spies' (this includes photos taken from a distance into their private lives - like Princess Kate's nude photos).

5) All celebrities under the age of 21 (OR celebrities who have a majority of their fanbases under the age of 21) are not to be excessively-speculated over in rude, sexually-misogynistic ways that send cruel messages into their fanbases in order to divide their young fans for gossip magazine profit gains. In other words, no more using young celebrities and their fans as your main marketing platform UNLESS you're publishing something that isn't meant to senselessly stir up the emotions of emotionally-invested celebrity fans. There is a difference between quality and garbage - we want you to upgrade the quality of your content. ENTERTAIN your audience, don't harm them... Surely you can find a way to do that without adding more and excessive static into our already stressful lives.

6) Any tabloid gossip magazine - online or otherwise - that does not see fit to alter their celebrity reporting stardards; should add a voluntarily disclaimer clearly visible on their sites and publications; stating that their content is for adults only - and it is speculative gossip not necessarily meant to be taken as fact. Please find a way to separate yourselves so that fans can CHOOSE between the kind of celebrity gossip they wish to support.

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