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Premature Cancellation of 'The Crazy Ones' and RIP Robin Williams

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by Jeffrey Kluger, Time Magazine

11/12/14 Update
Robin Williams' Death Report

Finds Lewy Body Dementia
This still does not change my opinion
below about the way Hollywood operates.
I still think he would still be here...
at least for awhile longer. Every day without
Robin Williams has been just a little dimmer
even if you didn't actually know him and never laid eyes on him.

I was not yet a teenager when I met Robin Williams and 'Mork from Ork' on Happy Days. I went on to watch every episode of Mork & Mindy that I could for the hysterical laughter that was a guarantee every week.

Mork inspired the kind of spontaneous laughter that comes from your belly and your soul through a rare, poignant kind of humor that picks on the goofiness of the Human Race and makes fun of it in a loving - if not very sophisticated - way.

And Robin Williams was SO good at it... all by himself, you could tell way back then that he was a lifeforce to be reckoned with: Human or Alien. He was a fast-talker with a keen, quick intelligence that made you wonder how easy such a firecracker would be to live with.

Of course, alot of that was the drugs... Would Mork and/or Robin Williams' stand-up comedy shows during those early years have been quite so entertaining without their fearless, exuberant affects on him? How much of his early performances were 'him' and how much of it was the drugs?

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We found out later after he sobered up... He never lost his funniness or his quick wit, although the crazy mania that seemed to drive him for awhile was toned down - a little. He also seemed to really grow-up throughout the years and started using his fame in ways that sent positive messages out into a dark world.

I followed Robin Williams' career in a casual way - watching his many movies (every new one was a must-see) and appreciating 'who he was'. There was always a tickle inside when you heard Robin Williams was going to be appearing close by or live on TV.

As such, I also became a huge fan of our beloved 'Comic Relief' trio - Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg and Billy Crystal. Thank you so much for all the laughs - and for the millions of dollars that went toward helping the homeless!

Robin's most recent project was called, "The Crazy Ones"... A sitcom he starred in as Simon Roberts, an eccentric marketing executive - with another one of my favorite Hollywood Celebrities, Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She played his much more sensible daughter, Sydney Roberts.

Sitcoms were a place Robin Williams SHINED. You could tell that he was at his ab-libbing, comedic best.

The Crazy Ones was the cutest little sitcom full of Robin Williams' wit clashing against his TV daughter's best intentions. It started out well at the beginning of its first season... but by the end of that season, viewers fell drastically and it was cancelled.

Robin Williams recently committed suicide; and his wife has said that he was suffering from early stages of Parkinson's... But, I bet he would still be here if that show hadn't been cancelled so soon. It no-doubt added to his previous struggle with addictions and depression.

Viewers had started out loving and seeming to accept him in this new sitcom - but then to have them fall off like that? Maybe it felt like a rejection of something he used to be good at.

Nothing could be further from the truth... Robin was at his best, and the chemistry between the characters on that sitcom was excellent. It was a show worthy of another chance via season two and maybe even a third season.

I mean, HOW can any competent Hollywood executive CANCEL Robin Williams after ONE measly season?!!

In my opinion, Hollywood is too hung-up on instantaneous success. How many of our favorite series of all kinds have been prematurely-cancelled because they weren't making enough money after one season? Whatever happened to tinkering with a show to 'get it right' or improving marketing strategies?

As the audience, we're almost AFRAID to start watching them; so that we don't get hung-up on a cool show that might not remain in production. We often wait until the 2nd or 3rd season to jump on the bandwagon because of this silly phenomenon.

But really, I don't remember seeing much advertising for "The Crazy Ones" since it started - there was much advertising and using Robin Williams' name to bring in viewers, at first. But in this instantaneous information age - people literally have thousands of more viewing choices at any given moment in time.

It takes an almost constant marketing bombardment for anything to catch on - and some truly worthy shows have been axed throughout this past decade because of impatience (or perhaps incompetence) on behalf of Hollywood studio executives.

This is also probably one of the main reasons why television shows are so shallow, today - they thrive on HYPE - any kind of hype, and the more disturbing or divisive, the better. It captures the short attention spans of enough of the masses to be profitable - and that is the most important thing.


What a crying shame.

Nanu Nanu, Robin Williams - Rest in Peace.

Btw, thanks alot CBS for 'claiming copyright' on these Mork & Mindy YouTube videos just since his death. You jerks.

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